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Health plans and programs

Choosing the right employee health benefits package may be a challenge for Indiana businesses looking to balance cost control and employee satisfaction. That’s why our plans and programs are built to help manage health care costs and keep employees and their families healthier and more engaged in their care.

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Level2TM by UnitedHealthcare

Personalized care experience that connects real-time data with experts to help people see results that could put their type 2 diabetes into remission.

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UnitedHealth Premium® Designation Program

Connect with improved outcomes and lower costs.

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Virtual Visits

Video chat with a doctor anywhere, anytime.

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Plan Administration

Self-funded employers can get streamlined plan administration—with employer, member and provider portals all on one platform.

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Bundle and Save with Specialty Plans

You may save up to 4% when you bundle a dental, vision or other specialty plan with your medical plan.

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Health and Wellness Programs

Provided at no additional cost, these proven strategies and programs are designed to help employees get and stay healthier.

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Behavioral Health

Offering caring support for employees' mental and emotional well-being, including on-demand access to help for stress, anxiety and depression.

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All Savers® Alternate Funding

Get the benefits of self-funding without the risks.

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Out-of-network Programs

Designed to help keep claims costs under control, no matter where employees get care.

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