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Save on the right care from the right place

We’re helping members find the right care, at the right place, for the right cost. That’s Active Affordability.

How we’re helping members find the right site of care

Showing members how costs vary by setting 

  • Helping individuals access high-quality, cost-efficient sites of care can have a significant impact on the total cost of care.
  • Shifting routine diagnostic tests from outpatient hospital departments to stand-alone imaging centers may reduce spending by 62% and save consumers over $300 on average per test.1
  • We require preauthorization for certain procedures, such as colonoscopy screenings, which may help lower prices for services. Colonoscopy screenings may be more than 2x as expensive in outpatient hospital locations as in free-standing ambulatory surgery centers.2

Directing surgeries to cost-efficient sites

  • We're helping to lower costs without compromising quality by promoting procedures and services at free-standing facilities.
  • Shifting more outpatient procedures to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) may save consumers $684 on average per procedure3 and may save the health system an estimated $20 billion over 10 years.1
  • By 2030, our goal is to have more than 55% of outpatient surgeries and radiology services among our members delivered at high-quality, cost-efficient sites of care.1

Changing where lab work is done

  • Our Preferred Lab Network is a network of free-standing lab care providers that meet our high standards for access, cost, data, quality, and service. Members who use this network may have lower out-of-pocket costs and shorter wait times – all while still accessing our extensive network of over 300 labs.4
  • A biopsy test through the Preferred Lab Network typically costs an average of $90. Members who choose a separate in-network lab may see the average cost increase to nearly $150.4

Saving money by supporting the right care, in the right setting

Having services done at free-standing facilities may help reduce the cost of care. See how moving care to a different location may save costs. 

Blood glucose test

$80 at an outpatient facility vs. $5 at an independent clinic

Hip replacement

$34,300 at a hospital vs. $27,600 at an ambulatory surgery center

MR and CT scans

$1,855 at a hospital vs. $682 at an independent facility

Flu DNA test

$500 at an outpatient facility vs. $45 at an independent facility